Late February 2007 - 7:15am

Most mornings, I walk from Antigua Street to my place of work in Central Christchurch, New Zealand. The walk typically takes me about 10 - 15 minutes.

On this particular morning, at 7:15am, the sun was just above the horizon, and there were scattered wispy clouds about. There was no wind to speak of and the weather was warm.

I should add, at this point, that I am used to seeing a plane cross the Eastern sky from a Southerly to Northerly direction. This plane regularly, and noiselessly travels at a great height, and typically leaves a contrail. During my trips to work I got used to seeing this plane, and started to time myself by it to see if I was on time or not.

On this particular morning, I was standing at the curb, waiting for the flow of traffic to pass, when I glanced up to look for 'my' plane. At this very instant I noticed a flash of light above me, and my eyes were drawn towards it.

The flash was from the sunlight hitting an 'object' directly above me, but what surprised me was that the light refracted in a circular shape around the object. As I watched, the thing 'tipped' upwards. I guess what I had seen was the 'saucer' tipping down then up again, and in doing so caught the sun in such a way as to attract my attention. If this had not happened, there is no way I would have seen the object, as it was very hard to see. (I have read other reports that such objects are 'cloaked' and this seems to be the case here, because the colour of the object was no brighter or dimmer than the sky above it, and it appeared exactly the same colour as the sky around it.) The object itself was textbook shaped. Almost perfectly round, although I felt it was just slightly oval shaped. I could only see the underside of course, but It was absolutely smooth, and ( I guess ) dull in appearance. There were no markings at all on it at all. I managed to keep my eye on it for maybe 15-20 seconds; and I only managed to do this because I focused on it from that initial flash of sunlight bouncing off it's curved perimeter. After this brief period I could not track it anymore, because it was so well camouflaged. The frustrating thing about this was that my partner was standing only a few feet away from me, and in spite of me jumping up and down like a lunatic, he could not see anything. Finally; this thing was HUGE. It was maybe 50 meters across, low to the ground (maybe 120 meters up) and traveling very slow. There was no sound at all. (You would think that because of this observation, it would be easy to see, and follow, but I cannot stress enough that it was very well 'hidden'.) Needless to say this had a profound effect on me...