1st February, 2010 - 9:50pm

The weather was cool and a light breeze was blowing. Significant clouds in the North East, and scattered clouds elsewhere.

Went outside to put the rubbish out for collection the following morning.

Looked up in the sky (as is common for us to do now) and saw a bright light travelling from the due North to the South.

We watched this for about two minutes and as it travelled directly overhead. As it transversed the sky it made a wide arc and ended up heading towards the South-East. At times it went behind the clouds but it was still visible through them. It was simply too bright to be a satellite.

Skeptics may argue this was a satellite, however, I would question that it travelled in a (wide) arc, and was simply too bright.

Update: 2nd February. I contacted UFOcus NZ who confirmed that the International Space Station was not over New Zealand. They had reported a number of similar sightings over the last few days over the Northern part of the Country.