8th November, 2009 - Sunday morning; 10:15am.

The sky was patchy and had heavy cloud scattered about with pockets of blue sky.

Conditions warm and calm.

We were outside, when Neil glanced up, because he thought he heard thunder, but it was a jet at high altitude going from the east to the west. It was very high and a reasonable distance to the East when he heard it.

I remarked that it sounded like the sound was coming from above (as it does when planes travel fast and at high altitudes, the sound lags behind).

As I was pointing to the area of the sky above me, where it sounded like the noise was coming from (almost directly overhead), Neil said "Look at that thing". I couldn't see it, and as I was searching the area he was pointing to, two more "objects" were silently travelling across the sky. They were side by side, and going extremely fast. (There was one [which I didn't see] followed by two in unison). They were above the clouds, and we saw them in the patch of blue sky.

They were very high and appeared to be at a higher altitude than the plane, and were travelling too fast to be a plane. They were circular/spehrical in shape and appeared to be very light in colour. I couldn't say if they were emitting their own light source or not, but I would guess not. They were travelling from North to South.

Also I would like to point out to any sceptics out there that the sound we heard was definately from the jet; these things we saw were totally silent.

All day I was left pondering on these things and wondering what their objective can be; especially over our little Godzone. They obviously have an agenda, and that worries me.